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Landlords: High Court Says Right to Rent Scheme Breaches Human Rights

I normally write about the Huntingdon and Peterborough property market, but this issue is a nationwide problem that affects us all. Not exactly breaking news, as it was announced on 1st March. But the best news I have heard all week!  The Right to Rent scheme was introduced in England in 2016 and forces Landlords…

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Landlords: Can you Prove It?

If you have never experienced rent arrears, verbally abusive, violent or lying tenants, then you have been incredibly lucky.  Thankfully, the vast majority of tenants are excellent customers and a good working relationship is enjoyed by Landlords and tenants alike. Most of us Landlords have experienced all of the above – and more than once. …

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Opal Lettings asks, How Safe is Your Rented House?

As it’s Spring clean time of year, Opal Lettings have listed a few areas of compliance that you need to address if you have a rented property or are considering renting out a property. Not only do you need an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), it now needs to be above the E rating since April…

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