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Is Huntingdon’s Drivers Avenue a Sleeping Giant?

By Carole C | 13th July 2018

  A landlord recently missed his chance to buy a three bed semi-detached property in Huntingdon’s Drivers Avenue as it sold in a matter of days. Drivers Avenue,  Huntingdon, is near the fire station and town centre, bus routes and railway station.   Having missed his buying opportunity, the Landlord asked me if there something…


Is Right to Rent Going to be Abolished?

By Carole C | 20th June 2018

Is Right to Rent Going to be Abolished? This is a subject close to our hearts here at Opal Lettings.   So far, £265,000 worth of fines have been collected by the Government for Right to Rent Breaches, since it was introduced in February 2016.  With first time penalties costing around £80 and subsequent penalties…


Landlords, Are You Holding Your Tenants Details Lawfully?

By Carole C | 29th May 2018

So GDPR is the buzz word over the past few weeks, as the deadline for compliance was 25th May.  At Opal Lettings, we have not contacted any of our clients, as we did it all in February this year!  Some people are terrified of it, others are ignoring it.  There is no need for either,…


How is Buy To Let Huntingdon and South East?

By Carole C | 11th May 2018

I was reading with interest a report from Landlord Today Magazine, which tells us that the Buy To Let Huntingdon and the South East market is buoyant. Here it is: Buy-to-let activity is ‘alive and kicking’ “The buy to let Huntingdon, London and the South East has seen stronger levels of activity since the start of…


Opal Lettings Describes How To Find A Good Property Deal in Huntingdon?

By Carole C | 26th April 2018

I was talking to one of my landlords the other day, when he explained there were no property bargains for him to buy in Huntingdon. He actually thought that a property deal could not be found at the top end of a rising market. It can with a bit of persistence. Research is key. At…


Huntingdonshire Landlords Forum Meeting March 2018

By Carole C | 15th March 2018

I attended the Huntingdonshire Landlords Forum meeting on 14th March with about 20 other Landlords, and I interviewed Keith Tayler, the Housing Officer for the district.  I asked him about how the council propose to work with the PRS (Private Rented Sector) to bridge the gap with social housing and his views on Universal Credit…


HMO Monopoly in Huntingdon… How would you play?

By Carole C | 6th March 2018

HMO Monopoly in Huntingdon… How would you play?   A couple of local landlords and I recently had a discussion about the property market in Huntingdon, when the subject of risk against returns arose. All landlords are different in the way they play the property game. Some landlords prefer to accept a modest yield/return on…


Why Buy To Let is Still a Solid Investment

By Carole C | 19th February 2018

Taken from Landlord Today magazine, this article should be of interest to both property investors and those thinking of investing.  The trends of 2017, show that property prices are still growing consistently despite the uncertainty of Brexit and other political issues. “ “Residential property price growth continues to prove resilient despite political and economic uncertainty,…



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