Peterborough Letting & Property Management

Welcome to Caropal Group Limited, Peterborough’s premier letting and property management business.   We work closely with landlords and tenants to ensure that both are able to find the right property or the right tenant.

We have a very comprehensive knowledge of the letting market in Peterborough and right across Cambridgeshire.  This places us in a unique position to be able to advise tenants of the perfect rental property that won’t only meet their needs but also their budget. Also, with many years experience working with landlords, we know how to identify trustworthy and reliable tenants for your single-let or HMO property.

Peterborough and the surrounding area is the perfect location to rent or let a property if you happen to work in London.  You can drive to London from Peterborough in 2 hours, or a train in just under an hour.

Prices are varied throughout Peterborough and in other towns close by such as Folksworth, Yaxley, and Woodston.  The average price you could expect to pay to rent a 2-bedroom house would be around £750 per calendar month.

Property Letting Services

Our property letting services encompass every aspect of the letting market.  We can provide a diligent property management service that covers both single lets and houses of multiple occupancies (HMO’s).

HMO Properties

We are a company that specialises in the rental of Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO’s).  This means we can help a tenant to find suitable shared living accommodation that will meet their particular needs.   Every single HMO that we have in our portfolio has been carefully selected by us.  This ensures that we are able to offer the best living standards to our tenants not just in Peterborough but throughout the surrounding area.

Property Management in Peterborough For Landlords

We offer comprehensive support and advice service for landlords in Peterborough, meaning that we are always on hand to answer any queries that they may have.  We will ensure to resolve any matters swiftly and definitively to ensure that tenants can enjoy a comfortable letting experience and landlords will be able to keep track of their property portfolio without any hassle.

Our significant experience working closely with landlords helps us in being able to identify trustworthy, reliant tenants for single let as well as HMO properties.  Every single potential tenant is carefully screened by use to ensure their suitability before we recommend them to any landlord.

If you would like to learn more about the property management and property letting services we provide contact us today on 07707 235270.  Alternatively, you can email us directly at