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At Caropal Group Ltd, we believe that all working professionals deserve a home, rather than just a house.

See What Our Tenants Have to Say About us:

“You are a nice Landlord and easy to get on with”.  Louis C, Huntingdon

“I have lived in Number 123 for nearly three years, after losing my house of nearly 22 years.  This was a sad time for me but moving into Number 123 changed my life for the best.  Carole is more than a landlady, she has become a friend.  If anything goes wrong with the house, Carole always gets someone to fix it the same day.  I would always recommend Opal Lettings to anyone who is looking for a roof.”  Ashley B, Huntingdon

“Carole is a great Landlord, she always sorts out everything ASAP showing that she does care about us and our well-being.  I think that she is understanding and knows how to approach any issues,  there isn’t really anything bad I can say about her, and I am being honest.”  Lukas N, Huntingdon

“Carole is an excellent Landlord and she has helped me out a lot”.  Jamie P, Huntingdon

“In my view, I think Carole as a Landlord is very kind and understanding towards her tenants.  Not only that but trustworthy as well making her tenants happy and comfortable.  I would give her 10 out of 10 stars and would recommend anyone to her as a Landlord.”  Lionel F, Huntingdon

"Carole is very good, she gets things fixed when something needs doing and she is a good Landlady"  Linda M, Huntingdon

"Carole is a brilliant and compassionate Landlord, very professional and prompt when it comes to matters affecting tenants"  Sam C, Huntingdon

"Carole is a lovely Landlord who is firm but very fair.  Extremely helpful!  Any problems we have had have been dealt with quickly and efficiently!"  Hannah A, Huntingdon



As a HMO tenant, we understand that you no longer want to live in a student style house, and climbing over empty beer bottles before work is not your idea of your perfect home.

As one of our HMO tenants, you will experience our perfectly sublime version of living in a house share. We provide a large flat screen television, free WiFi, and a cleaner comes weekly to keep the place nice and clean. As all the bills are included in the rent, it takes away all the hassle and commitment and there is no more arguing about who owes what, or chasing people for payments. This leaves you with the time to focus on the things you want, whether it be furthering your career or relaxing with friends.

Our rooms consist of a selection of hand-picked houses throughout Cambridge and Huntingdonshire. They are all designed to provide working professionals with a comfortable, clean and high end home with an exceptional service.

Included within your monthly rent, each of our homes will provide you with:

Living/Dining Area, Kitchen and Bathroom(s)
A weekly cleaner for your home
A monthly gardener
Council Tax included
Gas & Electricity bills included
Water bills included
TV Licence included
High Speed Broadband included
48 hour maintenance response when needed
Exceptional customer service
Helpful friendly staff


Caropal Group Limited

Richmond Close
PE29 7LD

Telephone: 07707 235270

Email: hello@caropalgroup.com

Registered as a company in England and Wales, 09284791.


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